The Gremlin is a pyjama party where we all show up in the same ratty, food stained t-shirt then laugh it off manically and eat rice crispy buns as we collectively cling to our fading youth. It’s a place where we’re all down with the same sickness. It’s indicative of the creative mode you can often recede into: hermitted away, swathed in a blanket, curtains drawn and muttering in the dark.

The Gremlin is a place to wholly embrace the self that lurks beneath the self, and write about things that are unattractive but real and sincere and funny and irreverent and worth talking about. It’s a place to find your voice, cut your fangs, and explore a new take on something. An open, relatable place to express what interests you, indulge what makes you laugh and enjoy the pursuit of the odd, obscure and grotesque within the lives we all lead.

So be gross and over share. Drink some milk, have a cry. Ask someone if they’ve ever seen a ghost. Be your best-worst self. Hold each other.


We do not like limits at the Gremlin, however, for the sake of time and energy we ask contributors to stay within reason regarding word count. In saying this, these are all soft limits. We do not have hard limits.

Fiction: 2000 words.

Poetry: No more than 6 poems.

Humour/essays: 2000 words.

Juvenilia: 2000 words.

To contribute, email your work to editoratthegremlin@gmail.com with a short bio and state clearly in the title which section you are submitting to.

All work must be the original work of the writer. Copyright remains with the artist.

Curated by Anna Walsh and Hannah Mamalis. Find us on twitter @gremlin_the and stay clammy folks.